Monday, November 2, 2009

Update on Bodyguard and Caroline and Grace

As I write this, Bodyguard is in the kiln at a toasty 1200 degrees.  

Here are some photos of her just before she went in.  She received more layers of underglazes, including many fine details here and there and some very stylish highlights in her hair.  Don't worry, they won't be so contrasty after firing.

The girl's skin and tee shirt will be a little darker.

There are two shades of black on the dog's body.  The result will be almost unnoticeable.

Caroline and Grace have received their first layer of underglazes.

I did not add her pupils--creepy, I know.  Her irises are a color I haven't used before so I'm running a test tile in the kiln right now with Bodyguard.  If I don't like it, I can glaze over it.

Caroline and Grace, side view.  Max and Gizmo are drying in the background.

Looking at photos of fawn chihuahuas, I glazed Grace's nose dark brown instead of black.  Either color, or even more of a pinkish shade, would have been correct.  I love the curve of Grace's body--she is really cuddling Caroline!

Bodyguard--more glazes and second firing

As expected, Bodyguard needed a little dermatology to clear up her blotchy complexion.

I added more layers of underglazes to the piece to even out her skin tone.  To add depth and interest, I added underglazes in colors related to, but not the same as, the first layer to the girl's eyes, tee shirt & hair, put more dark brown and black in the dog's ears, and used a slightly different shade of black in the dog's body.

Kevin loaded her into the kiln yesterday--he was able to carry her from the studio this time.  We still set up a pedestal for her to sit on before he lowered her in.  Clay shrinks when it is fired, but she is still 20 inches tall.

As I write this, Bodyguard is warming up in the kiln, preparing for her second firing, today.